His Proclivities!

Andy Fernandez lives in Pittsburgh, where he mispronounces nearly every location and proper noun.  Due to his never being published and lack of higher education, he mostly works providing good, honest Americans with sandwiches.  Although he is surprisingly adept at winning raffle competitions, he never uses this to augment his income for fear of losing said talent.  He believes his mission in life to be “creating [what he thinks to be] good ideas and then not really following through on them at all” (his words); this space was designed to either curb or facilitate these tendencies.  None of his pants have buttons anymore, due to the force and fervor with which he makes the motions toward relieving himself.  His grandparents are all dead, and have been for some time.  If lost, he may be found hanging out at bars that used to be Catholic churches; please give him cigarettes if prompted and point out which direction is north.  Andy also owns two pieces of furniture he casually refers to as “gaming chairs,” or more specifically, “his gamin’ chairs.”  He enjoys televisions of all sizes, Halloween posters, drinking beer, and operates under the assumption that he “cleans up real nice.”

He looks like this:

Photo courtesy of David J. Hanus

Photo courtesy of David J. Hanus

He can be contacted at andrew.p.fernandez(at)gmail


3 Responses to “His Proclivities!”

  1. Klint Says:

    Keep in touch a little better, jerk. I’m moving to Louisville next week. I hope your well.

    The Halloween poster on the left is mine and now belongs to the owner of the Halloween poster on the left.

  2. Klint Says:

    I used the wrong form of you’re I’ve been drinking.

  3. Jillian Austin Says:

    I enjoy the way you arrange words.

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